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What To Expect

An increase in listeners, guaranteed.

Once in our playlists, you will notice an overnight change. Your music will reach new people everyday and continue to do so for 30 days. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of a successful campaign convert into engagement and social traction from new fans. The best part of it all? You're now getting paid for your music.


Get Real Results.

In Real Time.

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Our listeners will become your followers.

Our playlists are grown over time by verified and experience curators, organically and safely. We do not endorse the use of any fake streaming tools and strictly prohibit any of our curators from delivering inorganic traffic to our artists. For those reasons, you can expect to receive the best kind of results from our playlists. Results that last.

Insights & analytics, straight from the app.

Your submission will have guaranteed results, so why not keep track of them? Get ready to see every single stream, save, and follow on the official Spotify for Artists app during every campaign. It's as easy as checking the weather. 

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Frequently asked questions

Are all streams organic and royalty eligible?

Yes, all streams are 100% organic and will earn royalties. We only pitch to playlists who are authenticated by our Editorial team.

How does all this work?

We have a large network of over 10,000 active Spotify playlists, along with hundreds of verified curators. The minute you purchase a campaign our playlisting team is listening and ready to start pitching your track to the perfect curators for your song. We won't stop the pitching process until we hit your target reach. Whether we get you on 1 playlist or 50 playlists, that's up to you to decide by choosing your target reach above!

How are you able to guarantee placements?

Usually, guaranteed placements are a big red flag for playlisting companies. For Wave, it's completely different! We can guarantee placements on your campaign because we have an exceedingly large network. If 1 playlist denies your track, we have 10,000 more to go! For that very reason, there's no possible way of us not being able to reach your demand. If for some reason we can't get your track in the exact amount of playlists that you chose, you will get a full refund!

How many streams can I expect from a single playlist?

Although we cannot guarantee any amount of streams because all of our playlists have REAL listeners, we do have a good idea by analyzing the data from our 15,000 artist campaigns. On average, you can EXPECT to see around 10,000 streams from each playlist every 30-days. Remember, the amount of streams your song receives from a single playlist depends on many factors, mainly the quality of your track. This is just a rough estimate and we do not in any way guarantee your song getting more or less streams than our estimate.​

Is there a contact for more information?

If you still have unanswered questions, please email us at orders@thewavepromo.com