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Watch The Game Speak on Wave Promotions

Watch The Game Speak on Wave Promotions

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  • Are all streams organic and royalty eligible?
    Yes, all streams are 100% organic and will earn royalties. We only pitch to playlists who are authenticated by our Editorial team.
  • How does all this work?
    We have a large network of over 10,000 active Spotify playlists, along with hundreds of verified curators. The minute you purchase a campaign our playlisting team is listening and ready to start pitching your track to the perfect curators for your song. We won't stop the pitching process until we hit your target reach. Whether we get you on 1 playlist or 50 playlists, that's up to you to decide by choosing your target reach above!
  • How are you able to guarantee placements?
    Usually, guaranteed placements are a big red flag for playlisting companies. For Wave, it's completely different! We can guarantee placements on your campaign because we have an exceedingly large network. If 1 playlist denies your track, we have 10,000 more to go! For that very reason, there's no possible way of us not being able to reach your demand. If for some reason we can't get your track in the exact amount of playlists that you chose, you will get a full refund!
  • Is there a contact for more information?
    If you still have unanswered questions, please email us at
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