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We strive to make music marketing as simple as possible.

Connecting artists to new listeners daily.

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Take control of the waters.

Make them #RideTheWave.

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Simplify your marketing process.

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About Us

Get to know us.

Wave Promotions is the leader of organic music marketing, and the manager and curator of todays sound in music. From rap artists to pop stars, from Spotify to Instagram, we do it all and we work with all. Our mission is to curate the industry by making discovering new music easier than its ever been before, to benefit both the artist and the listener. The music industry is growing every day with thousands of new artists being heard every month, now it's your turn.

Our exceedingly large team of music industry professionals and curators from around the world are waiting for campaigns to be started on a daily basis in order to grow more artists. We've delivered over 600,000,000 streams combined on Spotify alone as a result of our campaigns. When an artist catches our eye, they are bound to reach the charts. 

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